Update and Interview

My call for guest blog posts resulted in more than three times as many responses as last year. This is awesome and amazing and a very good thing. It’s also been a little overwhelming.

Most of my extra time over the past few days has gone into reading people’s ideas and getting responses out. As of this morning, if I received an idea from you, I’ve responded. Which means if you didn’t get a reply, either I never got your initial email, or else my response went missing on the internet somewhere.

This process reminds me once again that editing is harder than it looks, and makes me appreciate the good editors I’ve worked with over the years!


Also, Michael Ventrella did an interview with me that went up today at http://michaelaventrella.com/2015/02/10/interview-with-author-jim-c-hines/. I talk a bit about writing the Fable Legends tie-in novel, along with the writing process in general, and a bit about my other series.