Do You Wanna Do a Remake?

“Do You Want to Do a Remake?”
With apologies to Frozen

Do you wanna do a remake?
Rewrite an eighties hit?
We could do an all new Ghostbusters,
Swap “his” for “hers”
And watch dudes lose their sh*t!

We’ll ruin all their childhoods
Our evil scheme
Will make all the dudebros cry!

Do you wanna do a remake?
It doesn’t have to be a remake…

(“But why should they all be women?”)
(Major side-eye)

Do you wanna do a remake?
Women tearing down the walls.
In truth these changes are long overdue.
It’s not some female plot to
Shrivel up your balls!

(“Oh, my. Maybe the cold does bother you, huh?”)

It gets a little boring
All these male-led films
With just one token female. Why?
(“Save me!” “Tame me!” “Help me!” “Kiss me!”)

“Will there be a female Slimer?”
“Will Ecto-one be painted pink?”
“You feminists will ruin everything!”
“Hollywood’s too left wing!”
“It’s gonna stink!”

The proton packs are ours now.
So just back off, man.
’Cause women can bust ghosts too!

So we’re gonna do a remake.