Windycon Pics

I had a great time hanging out and catching up with people at Windycon this weekend!

I’ve posted 40some pics on Facebook and Flickr. I was trying to push myself beyond using the automated settings. Most of these were taking with me manually playing with the shutter speed. Lessons learned…

  • White balance is my nemesis. I tried to adjust it, but only made things worse, so most of these were on the auto white balance setting, with color correction in Photoshop.
  • What looked about right on the LCD on the camera ended up being a wee bit overexposed when I pulled the pics up on the computer.
  • Almost all of these were taken with the flash off. Partly because the flash can be annoying, and partly because those pics tend to look washed out, and lose a lot of shadows.
  • Stage lighting is my other nemesis.

To those of you at Windycon, I hope I wasn’t making a pest of myself. I’m having a lot of fun hauling the camera around, and I’m trying to be considerate and polite with folks, but if I ever get annoying or obnoxious about it, I hope you’ll let me know.

And now, a few of my favorite pics from the weekend…

My son battles author Scott Lynch.
Steven and Elaine Silver. They just look so cute and happy together!
Author GoH Lou Anders posing with his audience after a reading.
Attila the Bun! (With hat.)