Detcon1 Schedule

This weekend I’ll be joining the amazing filker and all-around fun person Tom Smith as co-Toastmasters of the North American Science Fiction Convention, aka Detcon1 here in Detroit.

I’m really excited about this one. There’s going to be a ton of great people, and from what I’ve seen, the convention staff have been doing some incredible work. I’m getting preemptively bummed because I know I won’t have time to see and hang out with everyone. Too many cool people, too little time…

This is what the weekend currently looks like:


  • 8 pm: Opening Ceremonies, Ambassador Salon 1


  • 1 pm: Writing Humor and Comedy in SFF, Ambassador Salon 2
  • 3 pm: Fanzines and Professional Writing, Mackinac West
  • 6 pm: Gender Roles in Genre Fiction, Ambassador Salon 1
  • 8 pm: Mass Autographing Session, Ambassador Salons 1&2


  • 11 am: Reading, Joliet A
  • 4 pm: Kaffeeklatsch with Jim C. Hines, Kaffeeklatsch 1
  • 8 pm: Extravaganza – Masquerade & Literary Awards, Ambassador Salon 2


  • 2 pm: Closing Ceremonies, Ambassador Salon 1

For the reading on Saturday, I’m torn between reading my story for the next Chicks in Chainmail anthology, or an excerpt from Unbound. Any preferences?

Who else is going to be there?