Flashback: June 9, 2003

Hello from Continuum! I’m currently out hunting drop-bears, so I’m rerunning some old blog posts. This one is from eleven years ago, back when I was hand-coding the HTML for every entry.

Both “Flying with Griffons” and “Grafted,” the two stories mentioned below, were rejected and eventually trunked. “Original Gangster,” on the other hand, ended up selling to Fantasy Magazine.

I never finished the sequel novel to Goldfish Dreams, either. To be honest, I had completely forgotten about that…


6/9/03: “A Few Happy Thoughts”

Working on: Goldfish Dreams II
Progress: 1759 Words (11,014 Total)

To help me start my morning in a happy mood, I found an e-mail from Usborne Fantasy saying “Flying with Griffons” had been passed along to the editor.  I should know within another month if it’s good enough to make the cut.  I hope so…not just because it would be a sale, but because I get warm fuzzies from writing stories for children, and I think this was a pretty darn good one.  I also sent “Grafted” off to Wicked Hollow, leaving just four other stories to find homes for.  I may retire “Preacher Man” for now, and I’ve got one that needs revision, but I really need to get off my butt and get those other two back out.  Bad writer!

I’m giving serious thought to sending “Original Gangster” to Black Gate.  It’s a great market, and OG has some decent action/adventure to it.  Only I’ve got 2 stories sitting at Black Gate already, and with the 8-12 month turnaround there, I don’t really feel like sending a 3rd story.  But anywhere else I send it would be a second-tier market (in Jim’s totally arbitrary mental list of places to send stories, that is).

Ooh – and look, Half.com has a few new copies of Goldfish Dreams listed that come in below retail, even with shipping!  Isn’t it nice when booksellers all compete 🙂  And if I do this right and you follow this link, you might even be able to get an extra $5 off.  (Looks like that applies to new Half.com customers only, though.)  Ooh…it’s at Walmart, too!  This is cool!

Another long day – back to ADA after work today.  But I’m hoping to get some writing done during lunch.  I just need to decide whether to work on the new book, on the superhero story, on publicity materials for GD, or any of the stories sitting around needing to be revised.