MarsCon Schedule and Sword & Laser Interview

Miscellaneous Updates:


I’ll be doing an interview with The Sword & Laser this Friday, which is excellent. They want to know what you think they should ask me. Questions can be submitted over at Goodreads.


In addition, I’m Guest of Honor at MarsCon in Virginia this weekend, which is also excellent! My schedule looks like so:


  • 6PM  — General Early’s  — Opening Ceremonies (if available)
  • 7PM-10PM —  Jefferson Davis 1 & 2 — Meet the Guests of Honor. (Interviews and introductory talks)


  • 10AM — General Early’s — Simply Fabulous: the Best in Fairy Tale Literature (M)
  • 11AM — General Early’s — We’ve Got a Funny Bone to Pick: the Dos and Don’ts of Writing Humor (M)
  • 1PM — General Early’s — Guest of Honor Readings
  • 2PM — General Early’s — Author Signing Event


  • 11AM  — Stuart’s Redoubt — Beyond the “Strong Female Protagonist”: Writing Women Who Are More than “Kickass” (M)
  • Noon — General Longstreet’s — Nerdiquette 101