Windycon Schedule

I’ll be Guest of Honor at Windycon this weekend, which is pretty dang exciting. Windycon is one of the earliest conventions I ever attended. It’s where I met my first editor, where I met my agent, and where the Magic ex Libris series was born. (In the green room, to be specific.) I’ve also started taking the family along to this one, which is a lot of fun.

My schedule for the weekend is:


  • 7 pm: Opening Ceremonies
  • 9 pm, Room 1602: ISFiC Book Release Party – The Goblin Master’s Grimoire


  • 10 am, Ballroom A: Reading (As I don’t seem to have an autographing session, if you’ve got anything you’d like me to sign, I’ll make sure to leave some time after my reading.)
  • 11 am, Lilac D: Trilogy Squared
  • 1 pm, Lilac A: Superheroes of the 21st Century
  • 2 pm, Lilac A: An Author’s Best Friend
  • 7 pm, Lilac A&C: Harassment
  • 8 pm, Masquerade (Yes, I have a costume, and plan on entering the masquerade. This will be my first time. Be gentle!)


  • 1 pm, Ballroom C: My Body Doesn’t Bend That Way
  • 2 pm, Ballroom C: Closing Ceremonies

It should be a fun (if busy) weekend.

So, anyone else going to be there?