Retitling My Books

I’m thinking I should take a lesson from the Internet and promote my books under different titles to try to attract more attention. What do you think? Would you buy any of the following?

The Goblin Series:

  • Goblin Quest This Goblin Went Face-to-Face with a Dragon. You Won’t Believe What Happens Next!
  • Goblin Hero 13 Amazing Facts About Goblin Magic
  • Goblin War What the Government Doesn’t Want You to Know About Talking Trees

The Princess Series:

  • The Stepsister Scheme Why Your Stepsisters Should Scare Your More Than Terrorists
  • The Mermaid’s Madness 8 Lies About Mermaids That Everyone Believes Are True
  • Red Hood’s Revenge Wolf Hunt Goes Horribly Wrong
  • The Snow Queen’s Shadow The Top 10 Ways Snow Can Kill You

Magic ex Libris

  • Libriomancer One Librarian’s Secret Trick for Destroying Sparkling Vampires
  • Codex Born Nature-Loving Bodyguard Shares Six Ways to Kill a Man with a Toothpick
  • Unbound This Tale of a 500-Year Love Affair Will Make You Weep

The sad thing is that it was slightly easier to come up with the joke titles than it’s been thinking of the real ones :-/