September Search Queries

Because I was bored curious, I took a look at the search queries that brought people to my website over the past month. There were the obvious searches for my name and my writing, along with the cover poses. But there were plenty of more interesting results, too…

  • “Sex cartoon” was in the top five queries for the month. I’m guessing most of these folks were rather disappointed to land on this sexual harassment comic.
  • “Sex c” was also in the top ten. Yeah … sex c and I know it!
  • “Form sex” – Not quite sure what that means.
  • “Sex carton” makes me think of Merry and Pippin, with Pippin asking, “It comes in cartons?”
  • “enchanted alethea kontis pdf” – Great book. You can pick it up at AmazonB&N, Mysterious Galaxy or your local independent bookstore.
  • “nude erotic men pose with semi dressed women” – I’m starting to sense a theme here.
  • “adam jamie fanfiction mythbuster” – Adding this to my To Do List.
  • “belly button shoot with nerf bullets” – Um … I got nothing.
  • “how racist people look when they take a dump” – Until now, this question had never once crossed my mind, and I WAS PERFECTLY HAPPY THAT WAY!
  • “jim hines diet and workout” – For next year’s fundraiser, I’m makin’ a workout video! We’ll call it Geekercise!
  • “phineas and ferb sex jokes” – Aren’t they a little young to be making that kind of joke?
  • “scalzi hugo travesty” – This just makes me giggle.
  • “serial killer hines” – HOW DID THEY FIND OUT???