Gen Con

I’m heading down to Gen Con on Thursday, which should be tremendous fun. I’ve been once before, and while it’s a little overwhelming, I also get to hang out with a lot of friends and generally wonderful people I don’t see very often. I’ll be part of the Writers Symposium, doing panels and workshops and such, and I’ve got a few autographing times as well. I’ll have books to sell, and will also be happy to sign whatever you’d like to bring.

The full schedule looks like so.

3 p.m., Room 2 – Should You Plot or Not?
4 p.m., Dealers Hall – Signing Tables

Friday10 a.m., Room 1 – Online Presence
11 a.m., Room 3 – Reading
3 p.m., Dealers Hall – Signing Tables
4 p.m., Room 3 – Meet the Writers of the Future
7 p.m., Room 1 – Writing a Series

11 a.m., Dealers Hall – Signing Tables
2 p.m., True Dungeon (Worldbuilders Charity Event. No more tickets available – sorry.)
4 p.m., Room 1 – Hard Fantasy (Moderating)

8 a.m., Room 1 – Read and Critique Workshop
9 a.m., Room 1 – Read and Critique Workshop

I expect it to be a bit exhausting, but a lot of fun.

So who else will be going?