PC Monsters of Genre: Collect Them All!

A week or two back, someone started a Twitter account called SFWA Fascists, dedicated to attacking the “screeching feminist witches” who are destroying the natural order — not to mention RUINING science fiction and fantasy — in the name of their twisted PC ideology.

The account itself is mostly spittle and flailing, but the creators also posted a list of the PC Monsters of SFWA (which they then renamed PC C**ts of SFWA, because I guess Monsters was too classy). These are the people deemed to be “immoral, vicious, manipulative snakes.”

DL Thurston has a copy of the list here.

Interestingly enough, people on the SFWA Fascist Enemies List reported suddenly gaining new followers, some as many as 50 to 100 in a few days.

Watching people use this list as a suggestion for “Who to follow on Twitter” made me happy. And because I was putting off working on the book one afternoon, I decided it would be fun to create PC Monster of Genre cards to go with it. (Note: All of these were made with the permission and blessing of the subjects.)

I started with myself, to celebrate my inclusion on the list. As of today, I’ve done cards for 7 of the 16 list members.

I’ve been asked about turning this into a Kickstarter to produce actual, printed cards, with the profits going to a good cause, one that would continue to DESTROY THE GENRE with all of that PC dogma of inclusiveness and treating people like human beings.

I love the idea, but I don’t know yet whether or not it will happen. For starters, I’m also writing two novels and potentially doing an additional project. I’d also need to figure out artwork rights, logistics, and so on. Right now, I’m doing this because it amuses me, and it lets me promote some authors I think deserve more attention.

For the future, we’ll see what happens. And in the meantime, I hope the cards bring a few laughs.