First Review of Codex Born

I added one last link to the roundup (from Laura Resnick), but at this point I think that post has made its point pretty well.


In totally unrelated but very happy news, the first review of Codex Born [Amazon | B&N | Mysterious Galaxy] has been spotted in the wild!

Publishers Weekly says:

Nonstop action and laughter power Hines’s riveting second journey into the “peculiar life” of Isaac Vainio … Hines supplies everything a reader needs—werewolves, ghosts, robot insects, a fire spider that eats candy, and homages to classic SF—for a very good time.

Like many authors, I tend to be rather neurotic about how people will respond to a new book or story. It doesn’t matter how many times I’ve done this before, I’m always afraid that this will be the time I crash and burn. This will be the book where everyone discovers I’m a total fraud.

(I’m now waiting for someone to respond, “Don’t worry, Jim! We figured that out four books ago!”)

Anyway, given the strong response to Libriomancer, I’ve been even more worried about whether or not the sequel would live up to expectations. And while I’m sure there will be disagreement and a range of reactions among readers — which is both normal and healthy — seeing that first positive review has been a tremendous relief.

Two months and counting!