Magic ex Libris News and Other Niftiness

After a bit of negotiation, we’ve accepted an offer from DAW, which means THERE WILL BE MORE MAGIC EX LIBRIS BOOKS!!!

Book three, tentatively titled UNBOUND, will probably be coming out in early 2015. (There’s no official or unofficial release date; this is purely speculation on my part based on my deadlines.)

Book four, tentatively titled I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO CALL THIS BOOK, would presumably come out in 2016.

But wait, there’s more! Last month also brought a royalties check for Libriomancer [Amazon | B&N | Mysterious Galaxy], which EARNED OUT ITS ADVANCE WITHIN ITS FIRST FOUR MONTHS! (THANK YOU!!!)

To celebrate all of this goodness, last night I went online and PAID OFF THE REST OF MY WIFE’S STUDENT LOANS! (Yeah, some people don’t see the excitement and awesomeness involved in paying off debt, but for me, this is party time!)

I have no doubt I’ll celebrate some more this weekend, when I join Saladin Ahmed, Gary Braunbeck, and Stephen Zimmer as guests at Mo*Con 8!

Finally, just to make sure I cram a year’s worth of good news into a single blog post–I’ve seen the cover art for the German edition of Libriomancer, and it is nifty. It looks like Die Buch Magier should be out in March of next year.

If anyone needs anything, I’ll be sitting here in a daze, grinning goofily and wondering what just happened…