A Thank You from the Aicardi Syndrome Foundation

Hey, what’s this? Why, it looks like a BBC article about the Aicardi Syndrome Foundation fundraiser and sexism in SF/F cover art. Now, at a time like this, there are two choices. You can squee and dance around like a little kid because holy crap, a major news outlet is recognizing your fundraiser and contributing to an important conversation! Or you can play it cool.

If you need me, I’ll be Snoopy-dancing.

I haven’t quite completed all of the poses for the fundraiser yet. I had hoped to have everything done except the group pose (which we’ll be doing this weekend), but then I got caught up reading bad fiction for a different fundraiser.

However, I wanted to share this thank you from the Aicardi Syndrome Foundation to everyone who donated or helped to spread the word. Speaking for myself, the $15,000+ we raised greatly exceeded my best expectations.

What follows is the message I received from Al Meo of the Aicardi Syndrome Foundation:

For the past 22 years, the ASF has been funded through private donations and individual fundraising efforts such as yours.  Our board of directors and those involved with the foundation do so on a voluntary basis, no one  is paid…so all contributions we receive are used to benefit our girls and their families.

We want to express our sincere appreciation to your followers and all those who contributed to your fundraising event for their kindness and support.  Their extreme generosity helps us to continue our work in providing medical/adaptive equipment for girls in need as well as funding an educational and supportive conference for families. We also contribute to ongoing Aicardi Syndrome research and will soon be funding a new collaborative project which we hope will be successful in answering our many questions about this devastating syndrome. It is always our wish to find the cause of Aicardi Syndrome and to improve  quality of life for our girls.

From all of us at The Aicardi Syndrome Foundation, thanks for making a difference! We wish you all a very happy and healthy 2013!

Thank you all so much from me, as well.

And as I head off to ConFusion, I’ll leave you with one more cover pose…