Auction, Winner, and Other Wednesday Stuff

There’s only one day left, give or take, to win the amazing, eye-popping, high-quality, ready-for-framing 16 x 16 print of me, John Scalzi, Patrick Rothfuss, Charles Stross, and Mary Robinette Kowal posing in the style of Young Flandry. Bid now, and bid often!


The contest I did for a SFBC edition of either The Legend of Jig Dragonslayer or Libriomancer was amazing. I asked people to comment and share the best thing that happened to them last year. Roughly 300 people entered, and I have to tell you, reading all of your good news and accomplishments from 2012 made my week so much better. You took risks, sold books, bought homes, got married, fell in love, beat cancer, had children, survived accidents, reunited with loved ones, moved to better places, got dream jobs, quit jobs from hell … I’m bookmarking these posts so I can come back and reread the comments when I’m in a lousy mood.

Congratulations to Jeff D., who was selected by the Great and Oracular Master of the Numbers of Randomness to receive the book of his choice.


As an FYI, the audio book of Libriomancer has been taken off of Amazon and Audible received some feedback on the narration, and decided to go back and re-record the book with a different reader. Not an ideal situation, but I give Audible major props for listening to their readers and taking steps to address the problems. I’ll let folks know when it’s available again, which should happen relatively soon.


Finally, I shared this line from Codex Born on Facebook yesterday, but I’m gonna share it here as well, because it makes me laugh. Because no matter how old I get, a part of me will always be twelve. This is Isaac grumbling about one of the villains of the story.

“[BAD GUY] can go light a match and stand behind a flatulent dragon for all I care.”

I’m telling you, this new book has NEBULA AWARD written all over it! ๐Ÿ™‚