LEGO Helm’s Deep & Book Stuff

As you might have gathered from Wednesday’s post, most of my energy is going into book-related stuff right now, including…

  • A Twitter chat/interview at sffwrtcht. (Transcript is here – includes one automaton-related spoiler detail from the moderator.)
  • An interview with LGBT Fantasy Fans and Writers in which I talk about princesses and Libriomancer and writing advice and a magic marionette.
  • Several other as-yet-unpublished interviews, guest blogs, and essays.
  • Talking to my editor about the cover for book two.
  • Brainstorming a title for book two. (I spent more than an hour staring at the computer last night, just jotting down random words. I also had a title feedback session on Facebook.) The possible titles I finally sent my editor are: CODEX BORN, CODEX BOUND, or CODEX UNBOUND. We’ll see what she thinks.
  • Chatting with Carol Monda, who will be doing the narration for the audio books of the princess series. (Did I make that announcement here? I don’t think I did. Bad author! I know I mentioned it on Twitter and Facebook.)

So while I try to find my brain, enjoy this impressive LEGO recreation of the battle at Helm’s Deep, by Daniel Z. Click the pic for more shots of this set.