New Cat

I’m home sick with my son, who was nice enough to share his cold with me. Since my brain is snot-clogged, I’m just gonna share a picture of our new addition. My wife brought two kittens home from a friend at work a while back, and we took care of them for a few weeks as a trial run. One failed the trial by picking on our older cat and shredding my arm to the bone when I tried to trim his claws, but Taz has a much nicer temperament.

Almost too nice. Like when he comes in for snuggles in the middle of the night, purring in your ear or licking your arm. Or when he positions himself directly where you want to walk and rolls onto his back for belly rubs.

He’s a soft, friendly, playful little beast. I’m just disappointed I didn’t get a picture of when he rolled over and fell off the chair.

Yeah, he ought to fit in just fine.