Fundraiser Update

In less than a week, the Fundraiser for Rape Crisis Centers has raised more than $2000 dollars. This is the third year I’ve done this, and we’ve already exceeded the amount raised in 2010 or 2011, which is wonderful.

To celebrate, I’ve added some new prizes, including:

  • Three books (your choice) from Katharine Kerr
  • Two books (your choice) from the following ISFIC Press titles: Tanya Huff’s Finding Magic, Catherine Asaro’s Aurora in Four Voices, Mike Resnick & Joe Siclari’s Worldcon Guest of Honor Speeches, and Harry Turtledove’s Every Inch a King
  • Either a necklace-crown or a 35″ necklace of Swarovski crystal and sterling silver from Elise Matthesen
  • And if we raise $4000, someone will get a two-year subscription to The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction

Click here for the full list of goals and rewards.

My thanks to everyone who’s offered prizes. At the moment, I’ve got more authors offering books than I know what to do with, so we’re all set there for now. (It’s a great problem to have 🙂 )

And of course, tremendous thanks to everyone who has donated and spread the word so far. It really does make a difference.