Friday Stuff

This has been a busy week on the old blog. I’ve done my best to keep up, but there have been plenty of comments I wanted to respond to that I just didn’t have the time. I wanted to say thank you to everyone who offered thoughts and suggestions to my werewolf brainstorming post: it’s helped a lot, and is very much appreciated. Thanks also for all of the kind and thoughtful responses to The Wolves, the Pig, and the Retarded Bunny. And thank you for generally being a pretty awesome bunch of people.

I’ll note that I’ve tweaked yesterday’s tale, swapping out the word “douchebag” and fixing a repetitive word at the very end. Normally I’m reluctant to go back and change something I’ve already posted — some of this comes down to accountability, and taking responsibility for my writing, even when I mess up — but in this case, I think both changes made the story better, and that took priority.

A few other quick notes…
Hugo nominations end March 11. The nomination site is here. Jig the goblin discussed my eligibility here. I’m pretty sure a Worldcon-fairy has been reading my blog, because I commented about forgetting a work I had meant to include, and a few hours later, got an e-mail which said:

If you need to correct any of these nominations, please go back to and submit a new ballot. You will only need to fill in categories that you wish to change, all other categories will be left untouched. Be sure to review your ballot and confirm so that we record the updated ballot.

So, if any of you have potato-brain like I did, you can go back and modify your nominations as needed through Sunday night.

Ask a Goblin has been going for close to a month now at and is up to 44 posts. I have mixed feelings about this experiment. I’ve had fun, but there hasn’t been as much of a response as I’d hoped. Part of this is my fault, as I haven’t done things like update my webpage with a sidebar link to the site or the Twitter feed. Part of it may just be my inexperience with Tumblr.

I’ve broadened the guidelines to say that Jig et al. will now answer questions about absolutely anything, not just advice-type queries. But as of yesterday, I’ve answered every question I’ve received. So if you want it to continue, I need more questions! (I thought about making some up, but decided that would be cheating.)

Finally, to end the week on a fun note, here’s something I posted over there in between giving out bad advice, because it amuses me: