Fandom Fest Guest of Honor

Looks like it’s official: “Fandom Fest Proudly Announces Author Guest of Honor Jim C. Hines!”

The event takes place in Louisville, Kentucky the weekend of June 29 – July 1. Last year, Fandom Fest drew more than 7000 people, and they’re expecting an even bigger turnout for 2012. Other guests include folks like Bruce Campbell, James Marsters, and many more.

I’ve talked a lot about how most authors’ lives are nothing like what you see on Castle. We’re generally not rich … most of us have either day jobs or very supportive spouses. Very few authors get big fancy movie deals. My life isn’t about sipping champagne with my agent in the back of a limousine on the way to a packed booksigning; it’s about scarfing down my lunch and hunching over the keyboard, hoping that for the duration of my break, none of my coworkers will barge into my cubicle to ask me to proofread an urgent e-mail they need to send.

But you know what? Sometimes my life is pretty damn awesome, too. Whether it’s being invited to be a guest of honor at an event like this, playing D&D with amazingly creative, bright, and fun authors, or simply receiving an e-mail from a fan who read and loved one of my books.

In April, it will have been 17 years since I wrote and submitted my first story. There have been painful disappointments and pitfalls, and there have been some truly amazing moments.

I love writing (even though I sometimes forget that when a book is kicking my ass). I love being a writer. And I’m incredibly grateful to be able to do this job.