Top Blog Posts of 2011 (Part 1)

My family is still in holiday mode, and I’m a week and a half from my deadline for Libriomancer, so I’m going to fall back on the clip show of blogging and share some of my most-visited blog posts from the past year.

It was either that or write “I got a sonic screwdriver for Christmas” to the tune of “I want a hippopotamus for Christmas,” and I didn’t have time for that because I was too busy zapping things with my new sonic screwdriver!

10. Writing: A Reality Check

I did eleven comics this year, which is more than I realized. This was my first comic of 2011, and includes such brilliant, powerful dialogue as “OMG I want to have all the babies and name them after you!”

9. The Write Agenda vs. Writer Beware

The Write Agenda is “a group of individuals, writers, want-to-be authors and inquisitive wordsmiths that have become ‘literally’ numb from reading the numerous author help related blog posts.” This group provides invaluable information on that time Victoria Strauss used the f-word on her Facebook page. This site should be required reading for pretty much anyone hoping to be a bottom-feeding douchebag.

8. Reporting Sexual Harassment in SF/F Circles (A resource list)

I want to make it as clear as I can that if you’ve been sexually harassed, it’s your choice whether or not to report that harassment. It’s not an easy choice, and nobody can guarantee the outcome. But I can tell you that if someone has harassed you, it’s 99% certain that he (or she) has done it to others. You’re not alone.

7. Wicked Pretty Things

Jessica Verday withdrew her story from the Wicked Pretty Things anthology after receiving a note from the editor which stated that her story “would have to be published as a male/female story because a male/male story would not be acceptable to the publishers.”

6. Jane C. Hines 

Jane C. Hines’ first fantasy novel, Goblin Quest, came out in 2006 from DAW. She sold two more goblin books, then published a series about three kick-ass fairy tale princesses. She’s currently writing the third draft of a modern fantasy book called Libriomancer. She also maintains a moderately popular blog. But while she and I have had parallel careers, the results haven’t matched up exactly…