I generally prepare blog posts in the evenings, which has worked well for the most part. But then you get weeks like this, where I receive an urgent and ASAP request to put some material together for Libriomancer so that my publisher can get things into the catalog and start doing some promotion.

Sorry, y’all. The book wins out over the blog every time.

So instead, today I’ll just link you over to the Very Special Halloween Episodes of the SF Squeecast, where you can listen to awesome people like Catherynne M. Valente, Elizabeth Bear, Lynne M. Thomas,  and Seanan McGuire talk about their favorite Halloweenish stuff!

And also me. I was invited to be the Halloween Guest of Squee, which is a pretty cool title that I want to add to my business cards. I chatted about the Halloween episode of Buffy and answered some Very Silly Questions.

So click on over, enjoy, and have a great weekend, all!