Libriomancer Bookmarks

One of my goals with swag — bookmarks, temporary tattoos, buttons, bookplates, etc. — has been to create designs that people will think is nifty, regardless of whether they know or care about the book being promoted.

My earliest bookmarks didn’t do this so well. They simply showed the cover, a (hopefully) clever quip, and purchase information for the book. I think they looked okay, but they were a little bland.

Below the cut is my first stab at a Libriomancer bookmark. The back side simply shows my backlist (and based on earlier bookmarks, those covers should show up better when printed than they do on the screen).

I’m pretty pleased with the front, though. I may change the quote a bit, but I like the layout, and I think the image works. I’ve also eliminated things like ISBN and price … I think in most cases, the author’s name and title should be more than adequate for anyone who’s interested to find the book.

What do you think?