Questions from the Keywords

I’ll occasionally look through the site logs to see what keyword searches brought people to my web page. Some are predictable (my name, book titles, etc.) Others are rather bizarre.

It’s interesting to see how many search queries I get looking for specific blog posts I’ve done. There were also a fair number of questions people had typed into Google or other search engines. And since I had a little time last night, I figured what the heck, let’s answer some of these!

“what font is used on the goblin cover?”

Rhapsodie Swash Caps.

 “what are the chances of writing a best selling first book?”

That depends very much on how good a book you write.

“what is the difference between a arc and release copies?”

An ARC is an Advance Review Copy, a bound book which generally has not gone through final proofreading, meaning there may be typos. It may or may not have cover art. ARCs are generally sent out in advance of a book’s release in order to generate early reviews, buzz, and other publicity.

“where can fan fiction be found?”

I recommend the internet.

“why doesn’t she leave?”

There’s no single answer to that question, but I’ve written about it some here.

“why doesn’t she leave jim hines?”

Some days I wonder that myself. I think it’s because she’s a very patient, kind, and tolerant woman, which helps to explain why we’ve made it this far and will be celebrating our 8th anniversary in a few weeks.

“how much do short stories sell for?”

It depends. I generally make 5-6 cents/word for my short fiction these days. Best short story sale ever brought in $2000, but that only happened once.

“how much does a fantasy author make?”

Depends on the fantasy author. It ranges from nothing up to approximately one bajillion dollars (J. K. Rowling).

“party famale wheth woman xhamester?”

WTF? What I really want to know is how this query led someone to my site. Or maybe I’m happier not knowing…

“jig the goblin torrent?”

No. You came to the author’s website to get a torrented version of his work? ::Thwap::

“who is neil gaiman’s agent?”

Merrilee Heifetz.

“how much do first novels earn?”

Check out Tobias Buckell’s study here. (This gives average advances for first novels, but some first novels earn out their advance, meaning the author makes more money over the life of that book.)

“do readers like big novels?”


grisham self-published a time to kill?”

No, he did not.

“whos awesome?”

You’re awesome!