iPhone Photo Note

So apparently the iPhone does not have the ability to properly display .jpg files saved in CMYK color mode. (As opposed to the more standard RGB color mode.)

This would not normally present much of a problem, unless one is away at a conference for work all day, without access to a real computer, and that happens to be the exact same day one’s editor sends preliminary images of one’s book cover … with a note that she needs feedback immediately since we’re racing to get this done and into the catalog.

In that case, one might find oneself staring in horror at a darkened, polarized, incomprehensible negative-style image which one’s editor insists is the artwork. One might then spend several minutes searching for the professional, diplomatic way to say, “Sweet Jesus on a soggy Saltine, what the smeg have I done to piss you off so badly that you want to inflict this drug-induced nightmare on my book and my readers?”

Happily, I eventually made it home and pulled it up on my computer, where it rendered properly. And I love it.

I promise to share just as soon as I can 🙂