Geek Proposals – Reposted

Someone please take away my internet. Apparently I should not be allowed to mess with the blog today, as I end up hitting the wrong key and accidentally deleting the last post.

I’m reposting the geek wedding proposals behind the cut, and I apologize to everyone whose comments have now been nuked from orbit, along with the original post. WordPress doesn’t appear to have an “Undo Jim’s Screw-up” function, and of course the plug-in I’m using populated the deletion out to LJ and DW…

And how’s your morning going?


Geek Proposal #1 took place at Wizard World Chicago Comic Con, and when you watch the clip, it looks like a fairly typical marriage proposal … until you get to the last few seconds.

Geek Proposal #2 goes virtual. Gary Hudston contracted a programmer to build a custom level for Portal 2 which led to an in-game chapel where the actual proposal occurs. I love the audio that goes along with the walk-through. You can even download the level and play through yourself.

Geek Proposal #3 is from back in 2007, and involved the very risky move of bringing author Neil Gaiman into the proposal. Why risky? Well, it’s Neil Gaiman … meaning there’s the very real risk that the one being proposed to could, you know, completely miss the fact that she’s being proposed to. I love this one :-)

Geek Proposal #4 involves a heart-shaped Perl script. I can’t follow the script, but the answer was “$propose++; Yes :)” so I’m assuming this one worked out just fine.

Geek Proposal #5 is actually an after-the-fact retelling involving none other than Wil Wheaton at Dragon*Con. What I love most about this video is Wil’s obvious delight in having been a part of the proposal.