Who’s Awesome?

It’s been a rather intense couple of weeks here at the blog, so today I figured I’d try something different.

This is an open post of awesomeness. Commenters are invited to share names and links of generally awesome people. Authors, artists, bloggers, or just random folks who happen to rock like a rocking thing.

Starting things off with a few suggestions of my own…

Hege Dalen and Toril Hansen – These two women rescued 40 kids during the massacre in Norway the other week. The couple made four trips back and forth, returning even after they saw the bullet holes in their boat. If that doesn’t qualify them for the List of Awesomeness, I don’t know what does.

Sheila Gilbert, Betsy Wolheim, and everyone at DAW Books – Sure, they publish my stuff, which makes me biased. But they also sent me a farting unicorn card for my birthday. How many publishers do that?

Tobias Buckell – Toby wanted a group of professional speculative fiction novelists who could share information and support one another. So he sat down and founded SF Novelists. He wanted to know how much authors make, on average, for selling their first book. So he went out and did the study. Nike should hire this dude for their “Just do it” campaign.

Your turn! Please give us a sentence or two about why the person you’re suggesting is made of awesomeness, and feel free to include a link to their site if they have one.