Google+ Invites

I was giving away Google+ invites on Facebook this weekend, and figured I’d make the same offer here. According to the site, you should be able to go here and sign up if you’re interested.

So I now appear to have three primary social networking sites, not including the blog:

The biggest complaint and frustration I’m seeing with Google+ so far has been their handling of pseudonyms.

While their policy doesn’t directly affect me personally, I’m uncomfortable with it. I had to deal with a stalker before, years ago. We still take certain precautions even years later. This has made me a bit crankier about policies like this.

As an author, I want my name out there … but I dislike the fact that they’re forcing everyone to do so, and deleting accounts if they decide you’re using a pseudonym.

Shadesong linked to a list of people harmed by a No Pseudonyms policy, which is worth checking out and thinking about. You can send feedback to Google+ about this or other issues here.

Overall though, I’m enjoying the interface. It’s a new service, so they’re continuing to work out some bugs. I just hope they rethink their username policy as well.