Updates and Welcome

Good morning, all!

First off, I wanted to thank everyone for all of the support on yesterday’s post, and to welcome the new readers. I’ve gotten a lot of comments and e-mail, so my apologies if I haven’t responded to everything yet. I’m working on it.

I’ve spoken to several of the authors who pulled their WPT stories, but if those authors choose to take me up on my offer, it will still take some time to read the stories and get contracts drawn up and signed and so on. That said, I’ll definitely announce things as soon as I have anything to announce.

Other assorted updates:

1) Author Lisa Mantchev posted on Twitter yesterday that the Wicked Pretty Things anthology has been cancelled by the publisher. Given the number of authors who pulled out of the project, and the public outcry, I’m not surprised. I haven’t seen any announcement or release from the publisher yet.

2)  Cleolinda on LJ has a good roundup of the WPT situation, including some background information.

3) The unraffle fundraiser I’m running for rape crisis centers has raised $840 so far. If we pass $1000, I’ll draw another winner and give that person a cameo in Libriomancer. Details here.

4) Being kicked in the kneecap hurts. (This brilliant insight is brought to you courtesy of last night’s karate class.)