Comic: Deadlines

I wasn’t 100% sure about this one, but my wife thought it was amusing. (Of course, she’s married to me, so she’s pretty much lived it…)

Full text on the blackboard, for anyone who’s curious:

Ideal velocity (v) = 1000 words/hour
t = time to write first sentence each day (in minutes)
Actual t ≈ 5 x (1 + n/10 + Cz/4) where n = number of days off of writing and Cz = number of new LOLCat pics.
w = wordcount; w(written)/w(total) = percentage of book written
Deadline 1/1/2012 = 365 days; d=days left
100,000 words x 3 rewrites = 300,000 words = 821.9 words/day!!!
c = coffee consumed (inv. correlation betw/c & d)
Ideal daily wordcount (Wi). [# words written – # of words deleted the next day]
Wi ≈ 2000 + 1000 x [1/(c+1)].

I’m not sayin’ how much of these equations I’ve actually worked out and how much I made up for the sake of the comic…