Who Cares?

Things I Don’t Particularly Care About:

  • Charlie Sheen. Oh yay, the Mel Gibson rerun is on.
  • Bristol Palin’s book deal. People are fascinated by celebrities (see previous point), and often buy their books.  Publishers like to make money. The fact that a publisher thinks people will buy a Palin book is neither shocking nor new.
  • Reality TV.
  • Pointless online drama. Drama Llama sez, “Piss off.”

Things I Do Care About:

  • Con or Bust auctions run through March 6. Check ’em out. Some good stuff up for bid, and the money raised is used to help PoC attend SFF conventions. Intro post is here.
  • One space or two after a period? This used to be in the previous column, until I came across 6 Surprising Bad Practices That Hurt Dyslexic Users. “on the web … double-spac­ing after a period can cre­ate ‘rivers’ within text that make it dif­fi­cult for users to find the end of sen­tences…” This is going to be a very difficult habit for me to train myself out of.
  • Whether to use…or . . . for ellipses when formatting an e-book. I asked on Twitter, and the majority favored… Yes, nitpicky author is nitpicky.  (Also recommended: unicode character … for …)
  • The fact that so many of our elected officials seem to be mainlining uncut WTF these days.