Random Questions

Why did Zazzle remove the 20 Neil Gaiman Facts T-shirt?

This was done as a result of a law regarding “rights of celebrity/publicity,” meaning it’s illegal to sell unsanctioned merchandise using the name or likeness of a celebrity.  I’m working to get this straightened out.

Unsanctioned? But Gaiman tweeted and linked people to the shirt.  Why did they still take it down?  Why did they ignore the note you included stating that you had permission?  Why did they cancel every order but didn’t bother to contact you until days later?  Why did you have to send multiple e-mails to Zazzle before they’d respond?  Why are they still not answering all of your questions?

Because they suck.

Is Star Wars fantasy or science fiction?

Who cares.

What the hell is “forcible rape” supposed to mean?

It’s shorthand for “I have no freaking clue about rape.”  (Fortunately, the language of that particular bill is being changed.)

Why does the new “V” series suck so badly?

In the show, the Visitors are trying to find and destroy the human soul.  In the real world, the network is trying to find and destroy the soul of its viewers.

Why haven’t you written about the death of author Melissa Mia Hall?

Because my current feelings are unprintable, and I need to work through my initial disgust and fury at the state of health care in this nation, and the people who fight so viciously against the idea that we should do better for all of our people.

Did you know you’re only 11 away from having 2000 Facebook friends?

2000 is a nice, round number, and is pleasing to my sense of mathematical aesthetics.  11 of you should friend me at once, so that I can win at Facebook.

Do you believe that science fiction/fantasy qualify as literature?  What about romance?  What about comics?

Yes, yes, and yes.  Please go away and come back when you have something less asinine to argue about.