Active vs. Passive

I got me some cover flats for Snow Queen on Saturday.  So naturally, much of that day was spent scanning and uploading to my various sites … turns out I have a lot of ’em.  Go figure.  Anyway, click the thumbnail for a larger version.

Speaking of things princess, stormsdotter sent me pics of the sweet Talia costume she made.  Not only that, but she immediately went out and kicked Batman’s ass, because that’s what you do when you have a Talia costume.  Check ’em out!

And now, on to today’s grammar lesson.  I’m sure someone, somewhere, has made this joke before, but I couldn’t find it anywhere.  (I assume I don’t need to tell people not to do the last one?)


Jim submitted his manuscript to the editor.


The manuscript was rejected.


Dear editor,

I know you’re too busy with your bestsellers to actually read submissions from new writers.  I appreciate that your unpaid intern was able to take thirty seconds to glance at the first page of my manuscript.  Thanks for getting back to me after only three queries.  A friend of mine didn’t hear back on his story at all, so I appreciate you responding in only two and a half years.