Author’s Note: Snow Queen

I’m working on the Author’s Note and Acknowledgments for The Snow Queen’s Shadow [Amazon | B&N | Mysterious Galaxy].

Sometimes this part feels repetitive, since I tend to thank mostly the same people with every book.  But then, these are the same people who help me improve the story, who take it from manuscript to finished book.  I think it’s important to thank them, and to remember that this isn’t something I could do alone.

I’m thinking about trying to include a bit more information this time around.  So I was wondering — if there were one question you could ask me about writing or about the princess series, what would it be?  I don’t mean spoilers, but what sort of behind-the-scenes info would be most interesting to you as a reader?

Or just in general, if you do read author notes and such, what sort of thing makes them enjoyable and worth reading?

To the authors out there, what are your thoughts on acknowledgments and author notes?

I suspect I might be overthinking this whole thing, but hey, it’s what I do!