TSA Follow-up

I blogged about the TSA’s new “security” procedures earlier this week.  Among other things, I pointed out the parallels between their “enhanced pat-down” and the legal definitions of criminal sexual conduct.

Here’s a follow-up.  The gentleman is the father of a friend of mine.

TSA Pat-down Leaves Traveler Covered in Urine.

Sawyer is a bladder cancer survivor who now wears a urostomy bag, which collects his urine from a stoma, or opening in his stomach … “One agent watched as the other used his flat hand to go slowly down my chest. I tried to warn him that he would hit the bag and break the seal on my bag, but he ignored me. Sure enough, the seal was broken and urine started dribbling down my shirt and my leg and into my pants.”

Click the link for the full story.

Anyone still want to argue that what the TSA is doing is in any way acceptable?