Thursday Updates

::Waves to the new readers::  Welcome, and please feel free to say hi and introduce yourselves.  Or not, if you prefer.  It’s all good.

1. So, remember that goblins vs. zombies idea I was working on for an anthology invite?  I’m happy to announce that both editors liked “The Blue Corpse Corps.”  I’ll post details of the sale as soon as the contracts arrive.

2a. My thanks to everyone who’s commented or e-mailed about Tuesday’s post on sexual harassment.  I’m hoping to post a follow-up early next week with resources for reporting this behavior for those who choose to do so.  So far, I’ve heard from Baen, Tor, and DAW, all of whom state that this sort of harassment is unacceptable, and they would want to know if one of their editors or other employees was behaving in this way.  I’m working to get info from other publishers as well.

2b. I’ve also been contacted by convention committee members from several cons.  Based on those e-mails, I’m thinking it would also be helpful to write up a bit about convention sexual harassment policies.

3. Goblin Quest miniatures are on sale!  Garden Ninja Studios is running a sale through Christmas, knocking down the prices for their custom miniatures.  Because everyone wants goblins for Christmas, right?

4. I’ll be in Ann Arbor this Sunday from 2-4 at a group signing at B&N.  Details on my web site.

5. Finally, and apropos of nothing, cake is good.  Except when people ruin it with coconut.  Why would anyone do that to a poor, helpless, delicious cake?