iPhone Apps?

Thanks for everyone’s input on my iPhone vs. Droid X debate last month.  After thinking about it, I ultimately decided to go for the iPhone.

People made a lot of good points about providers and coverage, but a few people also asked what I’d primarily be using it for.  It sounds odd, but I don’t actually use my cellphone for a lot of calling and texting.  I expect to use this more for web-based updates (Twitter/Facebook), e-mail, and as a convenient camera for taking pics/video of the family and anything else that looks interesting.

It was the camera that ultimately pushed me over to the iPhone.  The Droid has more megapixels, but in pretty much every comparison I found, the iPhone just took better pictures and video.

I’ve been notified that my shiny new phone should show up by the weekend.  So I should have just enough time to figure the silly thing out before heading to World Fantasy, which means I can finally be one of the Cool Authors posting updates and pics from the con.

For those of you who’ve used these things, what apps do you recommend?  What are the must-have additions, not to mention the fun stuff?