Parenting Shoutout

Hey locals – the Lansing and East Lansing B&N stores now have autographed copies of Red Hood’s Revenge [B&N | Mysterious Galaxy | Amazon] in stock.  What are you waiting for?


Chris McKinney sent me fan art.  Specifically, Chris combined Jig the goblin and the fine art of sporkstabbing.  And also Pokemon.  I am much amused.


As those of you who follow me on Twitter and Facebook might already know, I ended up taking my wife into the ER on Thursday.  It sounds like she tore some muscle/ligaments after a fall.  So I stayed home to take care of her and the kids.

My wife has gone through six knee surgeries since we got married, so I know the routine, but every time I come away with new respect for the single parents out there.  And I’d like to state for the record that anyone who looks down on stay-at-home parents for not having a “real” job is an idiot.

Despite what most sitcoms would have you believe, I am capable of taking care of things at home.  Mostly.[1. We’re not going to talk about that incident with the guppy and the microwave.]  I did not set the stove on fire, the laundry is not pink, I did not misplace or forget about either child, and my children did not concoct an elaborate plan to get their mother back into action.  But I found myself looking forward to coming back to work today so I could relax a bit and just worry about one job.

So today, we here at Jim’s blog salute single and stay-at-home parents.  Props and respect to you all.