Almost there! Stay on target…

I’m so close to wrapping up the second draft of The Snow Queen’s Shadow … meaning my brain has little room for anything except getting through these final few scenes.  It took a supreme act of willpower to not call in sick today so I could finish.

There’s still a lot of work left to do on this thing.  Basically, I need to splice in another full plotline and do a lot more worldbuilding.  I’m also trying to make sure I include closure for plot threads from the entire series, not just from this book.

This is the second series I’ve finished.  I’m proud of how I wrapped things up with Goblin War, but the the princess series is a little more complex.  Not to mention having three times the protagonists.  But I’m feeling fairly confident.  The book isn’t there yet, but I have an idea what I need to do to get it there.

So while I obsess over trying to write the perfect ending, enjoy this functional LEGO sniper rifle, built by Jack Streat.  I’d probably want to double the rubber bands to get better range, but still — this thing has a working clip, tripod, and scope, and appears to be pretty darn accurate for a LEGO rifle.  (Thanks to Steven Saus for the link.)