Taking a Breather

I’ve seen a lot of Internet “discussions” go down in flaming, twisted wrecks over the years.  I want to thank everyone who commented on the blog this week.  I love that people are able to disagree, but are still willing to listen to what others are saying.  I love that while these are things people feel passionately about, I never once had to bring out the Moderator Hammer of Doom.  I love that I came away from the discussions with a lot more to think about.  Thank you all for that.

I had planned to write more today, but I’ve got nothing.  I haven’t even caught up on all the comments from yesterday (and I doubt I’m going to be able to respond to everything).  So instead, I figured I’d post something fun.  Something with ten times the recommended daily allowance of awesomeness.

Something like a ninja, who also happens to be a doctor, riding a raptor into battle.

(This is from The Adventures of Dr. McNinja, a silly and thoroughly entertaining web comic which, as far as I can tell, was created mostly for the excuse to draw scenes of ridiculous awesomeness.)