Authors Behaving Badly?

So, informal poll time — is this a spoof/satire, or a legitimate author blog?

She mentions having a novel coming out, but I can’t find any info on it, which suggests spoof to me.  I’m not sure, though. Most authors are fairly reasonable about rejections, but Rejection Queen wouldn’t be the first to flip out and shoot her career in the foot.  With a bazooka. Just see this post from agent Colleen Lindsay:

That second one is an interesting case, as the idiocy comes from someone who has actually published with major houses.  But if you look at his published work, you notice that each book was with a different publisher.  Makes you wonder … did he storm off, or did the publisher exercise their “No a**hole” clause on subsequent books?

While some authors whine and moan, others actually do the work without expecting things to be handed to them on a golden platter.  See Rae Carson and Jenn Reese, both of whom recently landed awesome book deals.  Huge congratulations to them both!

But you know what?  Ask anyone who has accomplished what Rae and Jenn have, and they’ll probably tell you they got rejected plenty of times before reaching that point.  It’s normal.  Get over it.

You know what most successful authors don’t do?