Another New Book

Today was my day to blog at SFNovelists.  I’m pleased with today’s entry, a helpful[1. For certain values of ‘helpful’] glossary of publishing terms.  Here’s an example:

Page Proofs – 1. Your chance as an author to review the typeset pages of your book and correct any typos.  2. Your chance as an author to discover all of those larger changes you’ll wish you’d made before, but now it’s too damn late.

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So yesterday I went on about Diana Rowland’s book.  Well it turns out Anton Strout also had a book out yesterday.  I knew this, but somehow — completely by accident — forgot to mention it.  I don’t know how this happened.  I love Anton’s work.  Really I do!  I’ve reviewed him twice!

By the way, this blog post has nothing to do with a phone call I received last night that went something like this…

Anton: Hello Mister Hines.  I was calling to let you know how much I enjoyed your review of Miss Rowland’s work.

Jim: Thanks, Anton.  I appreciate–

Anton: I cannot help noticing, however, that you omitted another urban fantasy title from your post.

Jim: Oh, shoot.  Sorry about that.

Anton: You are aware that I am published by, and have certain connections at Penguin, yes?

Jim: Well, sure.

Anton: Penguin, which just happens to to handle much of the sales and distribution for DAW.

Jim: Um … yes, that’s right.

Anton: Don’t you have a book coming out from DAW this July?  It would be a shame if anything happened to it.

Nope, that conversation had nothing to do with my decision to blog about the book.  Nor did the rather disturbing experience of waking up this morning to find a stripped copy of Mermaid’s Madness on the pillow beside me.

To make amends, I’m telling you all to go check out the third Simon Canderous book, Dead Matter [B&N | Mysterious Galaxy | Amazon].  Please?  Tell ’em Jim sent you.