Laughing at Myself

“So when are you going to quit the day job?”

I can’t blame folks for asking the question … again and again and again.  We’ve all seen the movies, the writers living in luxurious homes, sharing a limo with their agents on the way to the big booksigning, and so on.  J. K. Rowling has her own castle.  And didn’t Stephen King buy Maine a while back?  Dan Brown’s GDP is expected to surpass Canada’s by 2011.

No matter how many times I explain that most of us are getting four or low five digit advances, the myth continues.  People remember the glamor and the glory of those martini-sipping New York authors, tapping away at the laptops for two minutes an episode and spending the rest of their time enjoying the accolades.

Now we fast forward to me the other day.  I was catching up on Facebook, and I came across Amber Benson‘s post where she talks about having to eat out less to save money.

My first reaction: But aren’t actors all rich?