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Cool Stuff Friday

Friday is mostly recovered from a great convention! Squirrels! Meerkat and Cat BFFs 6′ long U.S.S. Enterprise … in LEGO

Post-Convention: Back to Real Life

ConFusion was a strange experience this year, in some ways. I didn’t bring my camera. I only did one panel, along with a reading and the group autographing. I didn’t even wear the fancy author jacket. I just showed up in my T-shirt and jeans and mostly just hung out. This was also the first(…)


After more than a year away from the convention scene, I’ll be at ConFusion in Novi this weekend. My schedule is relatively light, which is probably for the best: Saturday 10 a.m. – Evolving Visions of Toxic Masculinity (with Jason Sanford, Marsalis, Kameron Hurley, and Brandon O’Brien) 3 p.m. – Mass Autographing 7 p.m. –(…)

Cool Stuff Friday

Friday has very mixed feelings about 2020 so far… Dog protest signs Instagram feed from a puppy daycare Baby otters!

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