DemiCon in Des Moines was a lot of fun. Amy and I flew down on Thursday so we’d be there for a booksigning at B&N, where Lyndsey kindly gave me a Smudge necklace made from a d20, and Chris showed up to drop trou and display his Jig the goblin tattoo. Oh, and I signed some books, too.

Friday afternoon was our trip to the zoo, and then it was convention time! As author guest of honor, I got to hang out a bit on stage with artist GoH, cosplayer, and all-around lovely person Megan Lara; fan GoH, chocolate priestess, and kind-hearted, bubble-blowing queen Michelle Clark; and Toastmaster, actor, and occasional Scottish Texan person Tadao Tomomatsu.


Tadao x 2

DemiCon has the feel of a smaller con, but not too small. It was friendly, relaxed, and everything I saw seemed to be running smoothly. Major props to the concom and the rest of the volunteers for that!

I did a handful of panels, all of which were either solo or me and one other person. Sunday morning, that meant spending an hour geeking out about The Flash. The one complaint we had about the show was the way the two female characters had so little agency and story of their own. Happily, someone from the show must have been at that panel, because last night’s episode started to address that problem. Behold the power of convention panels!

Also, Rachel Bussan made me the awesome Smudge hat I’m wearing in this picture with Megan!!!

Megan and Jim

Megan Lara, Jim Hines, and Smudge hat!

Other highlights include getting author Adam Whitlatch to lick his own book, meeting author (and Invisible 2) contributor Lauren Jankowski, lots of fun cosplay, and just getting to see and meet so many cool fans, readers, friends, and fellow geeks.

The full album of DemiCon pics is up at Flickr, if you want to see the rest. Here are a few more of my favorites from the weekend:

Klingon in sunglasses

Hipster X-man

Cosplay Medic

My thanks again to the convention for inviting me and my wife, to Amanda for liaisoning us all over the place, and to everyone who worked so hard to put together such a fun weekend.


Tomorrow I leave for DemiCon in Des Moines, Iowa. I’m author guest of honor, along with artist GoH Megan Lara, Fan GoH Michelle Clark, and wizard GoH Harry Dresden. (I’m not sure whether that last will be showing up in person… I kind of hope not, given the kind of trouble that tends to follow him around.)

The convention doesn’t officially start until Friday, but tomorrow I’ve got a pre-convention signing at Barnes & Noble. That’s from 6-8 p.m. at 4550 University Avenue in West Des Moines.

My con schedule looks more-or-less like this:


  • 7-9: Opening Ceremonies (Main Stage)


  • 10-11: Writing Media Tie-Ins (Nebraska Room)
  • 11-12: GoH & Pro Signings (Main Stage)
  • 4-5: GoH Discussions (Main Stage)
  • 5-6: Diversity and Inclusiveness (Kansas Room)
  • 8-9: Designing a Magic System (Nebraska Room)


  • 10-11: The Flash (Kansas Room)
  • 12-1: Reading (Missouri Room)

You can check the DemiCon site for the full programming grid.

This should be fun! It looks like I may even get a little downtime to relax and wander about during the day on Friday, which is a nice bonus.

Any suggestions on what I should read on Sunday? My current default is the fairy tale princess biker gang story coming out in the next Chicks anthology, but if there’s something else people would prefer to hear, I’m open to ideas.

Jim C. Hines