Cover Reveal: Species Imperative, by Julie E. Czerneda

Today, I’m handing the blog over to author Julie E. Czerneda for the cover reveal of her omnibus, Species Imperative [Amazon | B&N | Mysterious Galaxy], which comes out September 2 of this year.

I enjoy Czerneda’s writing. I reviewed book one of this trilogy here and book two here (some spoilers in the reviews). I read and enjoyed the third book as well, but for some reason I either didn’t post a review or else I forgot to tag it so I’d be able to find it later.

Julie is also a wonderfully warm and welcoming person, and I’m happy to help spotlight her new project!


Presenting … Species Imperative!

I’m delighted to share with you the shiny new cover for DAW Books trade omnibus edition of Mac’s story. Thanks, Jim!

Those of you familiar with the original trilogy, Survival, Migration, and Regeneration, know the first of those titles was released in 2004. My first hardcover. My biggest, most ambitious work-to-date and a story near and dear to my biologist’s heart. Luis Royo did those covers, capturing pivotal moments in the story, and I loved them all. They were also covers where Luis and I, through his agent and interpreters (I don’t speak Spanish), worked together more than ever before. For each, I’d send 20-30 photos of the background setting, making sure to provide less familiar details such as rock structure and Arctic ice. In return, Luis provided those fantastic illustrations.


For the omnibus, however, it was time for something completely different. My output since 2009 having been a fantasy novel, albeit a Very Big One, I wanted it abundantly clear to readers new to Species Imperative that they’d be getting not just science fiction, but hard sf as well. Fans of this story called themselves biogeeks. Why? Because the scientific study of life runs rampant on every page and is crucial to the plot. Couldn’t be any other way. Mac studies salmon. It’s also what I intended from the start. This is speculation based as solidly as possible on known fact, that takes its leap into the unknown with eyes open. Here aren’t dragons — but you will find aliens wearing funny hats. For good reason, as you’ll see.

I’ve been a huge fan of the artwork of Kenn Brown and Cris Wren (also dear friends) for many years and had the privilege of working with them for the covers of ReVisions (DAW Books) and Summoned to Destiny (Fitzhenry & Whiteside). (Fun aside, I first met Kenn and Chris during my trip to Vancouver to launch Survival, for Mac’s Norcoast Research Facility is set on that glorious coastline.) Together they are Mondolithic Studios and please do spend time going through their gallery. Wow!

For that’s exactly what I did, quickly spotting an image Kenn had created for the cover of a past Discover magazine cover. Kenn worked closely with DAW to modify that starting point into the wonderful cover  you see here. I couldn’t be happier.

As well as the cover, there’s a new introduction by Rick Wilber, a staunch supporter of Mac & Co since they came out and another friend. A new dedication, Biogeeks Unite!, and some kick’n new blurbs (thanks, Jim!) In sum, this is as much a celebration as it is a new edition, and I cannot wait to hold it in my hands. I’m sure I’ll sniffle.

Most of all, I hope you enjoy.