Happy Princess Day!

Today marks the return of the princess novels! All four books should be showing up wherever you get your ebooks.

The Stepsister Scheme The Mermaid's Madness

Red Hood's Revenge The Snow Queen's Shadow

You can also buy them directly from me at my PayHip store.

I was asked about the reversion process and how it applied to books and other media (cartoons, audio, TV shows, etc.) I can’t speak to the specifics of those other media, because so far nobody has chosen to make Goblin Quest: The Animated Series or a a Libriomancer miniseries on Netflix or anything like that.

What I can say is that the reversion of rights back to me gives me rights to the pieces I created. I can take the manuscript and republish it in print or ebook or both. I can rewrite and release an updated version (in my copious free time).

What I can’t do is use the pieces the publisher did. If I wanted to reuse the cover art, I’d have to buy those rights from the artists who did the covers. Then I’d still have to handle cover text and layout. The same goes for formatting the manuscript for ebooks or print — I have to do that myself or hire someone to do it.

How does that apply to cartoons or movies or whatever? Like everything else, it will depend on your contract. But I wouldn’t expect you to be able to republish that cancelled cartoon on your own. Corporations are going to make sure they’re keeping syndication/rerun rights, and I imagine in many cases they own the copyright as well.

But with my contracts for these particular books, reversion means I get to keep sharing Danielle, Talia, and Snow with you all 🙂