Harry Potter, Reviewed by Jackson (Age 7)

For months, we’ve been reading the Harry Potter books to our kids every night before bed. They get through a book, and then they watch the movie. (And then they talk about all the things that got left out or changed.)

My son Jackson is particularly into Harry Potter right now. He dressed up as Harry Potter for Halloween, had a Harry Potter themed birthday party, and recently created a book poster about Harry Potter for a school project. He also routinely casts spells around the house. (We’ve learned to use this to our advantage when we want him to come here. “Accio Jackson” works great.”)

They’ve finished the first six books/movies and are starting number seven, and I figured I’d ask him about his thoughts so far. What follows is all his words, with any comments from me in parentheses.

What are the Harry Potter books about?

It’s about Harry, Ron and Hermione trying to kill Voldemort. Voldemort is the bad guy. But Harry does need some help from Ron and Hermione.

What’s your favorite Harry Potter book?

The Sorcerer’s Stone, because it’s the very first one. That’s the most exciting book. And because the only part that’s scary is the last part.

You don’t like the scary parts?

Well, I kind of do and I kind of don’t. In most of the scary parts, Harry’s battling Voldemort or one of the Death-Eaters. It’s scary and exciting. But sometimes some of the good guys die, and I don’t like that.

What was your least favorite book?

I think it was the fourth book, because the editor didn’t do much! (This answer makes me laugh, but it’s possible he might have picked up this particular opinion from me and my wife…)

Who is your favorite character?

Harry Potter! (To truly appreciate this answer, you’d have to imagine the “Duh, Dad!” tone and expression.)

What do you think about the romance, like Ron and Hermione, or Harry and Ginny?

::Laughs:: I like them. Just because.

Which is better, the books or the movies?

The books. Because they got the idea for the movies from the books. Plus, in the movies, sometimes they fast forwarded through a bunch of parts, like in the third movie they fast forwarded through almost all of it! Like one minute you’re watching Harry, Ron, and Hermione and then poof! They find out that Serious, Pettigrew, and James are animaguses!

(I love this answer!)

What do you think about Snape?

I don’t like him! He killed Dumbledore! (I’m very interested to see what the kids think by the end of book seven.)

Who’s your favorite character who isn’t Harry Potter?

Ron, because he was Harry’s first friend.

What would you do if you were a wizard?

I’d probably decide to be an auror and fight Death-Eaters!

Who do you think should read these books?


What is it about these books that everyone likes so much?

Because there’s a bunch of magic. Even if something is a mile away, just point your wand in the right direction and say Accio, and it comes to you. Unless it’s protected.