Happy Princess Day!!!

Today is the day! The official release of The Snow Queen’s Shadow, the fourth and final book in the princess series!

I started thinking about this series … back in 2004, I think. Meaning this has been a journey of at least seven years for me. I remember reading a chapter from Stepsister Scheme for the first time at the Fantasy Matters conference, and freaking out because I had no idea what people would think. (They liked it. Yay!)

I’ve changed as a writer since then … which I think is a good thing. Stagnation is creative death. So there are things I’d probably do differently if I had to write the whole series over again. But overall, I’m proud of the stories, and particularly happy with this last volume.

I’m hoping to have a discussion post in a week or so, once I’m back from vacation and people have had time to read the book. I said this in the author’s note at the back, but I’ll say it here as well: thank you so much to everyone who’s joined me for this journey.

With that, I guess there’s nothing left to do but post some purchase links!

For those who want print copies, you could try:

Barnes & Noble
Mysterious Galaxy
Schuler Books

E-books are available at:

And probably some other places I couldn’t find links for…

So, yeah. Happy princess day, everybody! I really hope you enjoy the book, and if you’re so inclined, please feel free to spread the word 😉