Sale and Snippets

Earlier this week, I got the official acceptance for my story “Corrupted,” which will be in the anthology THE MODERN FAE’S GUIDE TO SURVIVING HUMANITY, edited by Patricia Bray and Joshua Palmatier.

To celebrate, have a pair of snippets. I’ve posted a bit from the short story beneath the cut, along with a bonus piece from LIBRIOMANCER.

From “Corrupted”

I needed three things if I was going to have any hope of saving this city: one empty detergent bottle, one magazine clipping of Zoe Saldana from Star Trek, and one stolen child.

The idea of taking the kid bothered me. I despised playing into fairy stereotypes. Larry would tease me about it for years.

After he got over the fact that I had kidnapped a four-year-old, I mean.


I kept the Triumph three miles below the speed limit. Partly because the car didn’t do too well above seventy, but mostly because we couldn’t afford to get pulled over with the number of weapons Lena had packed. Shotgun, handguns, swords and knives, and a pair of old baseball bats were all neatly laid out in the trunk.

Smudge sat on the dashboard, reminding me a little of those dancing hula girls as he turned to and fro, watching the passing cars. Driving fascinated the little spider. I had never figured out exactly why, but he was happy there, and in the winter he helped keep my windshield defrosted.